Do your staff deal with the public? Do they have to manage conflict or suffer verbal or physical abuse regularly?

At Salvas, we train you how to safely manage abusive people, de-escalate emotive situations and be more confident in dealing with violence and aggression in the workplace.

Violence in the workplace is a fact of life.

At Salvas, we train you how to safely approach and manage abusive people, de-escalate, and calm emotive situations and be more confident in dealing with increasing levels of violence and aggression in the workplace.

During the Covid 19 worldwide pandemic, we’ve seen a huge rise in people suffering emotional trauma and anxiety caused by isolation and loss.

This, in turn, has led to high levels of abusive, threatening behaviour and serious attacks towards front-line workers, especially within the emergency services, healthcare, retail and transport.

The pandemic has had a huge impact on public mental health so, now more than ever; it’s crucial for employers to equip staff with simple skills to protect themselves and others. 

Since 2010 our workplace personal safety and conflict management training has been helping clients across the UK and Europe to reduce threats and assaults to employees.

Our methods are proven to dramatically improve their levels of confidence and performance at work, reduce staff turnover, improve customer service, and protect you from legal claims and damage to your reputation. 

From our comprehensive training courses, which leave you prepared for any eventuality, to our game-changing trauma first-aid bleed control kit, you can rest assured that with Salvas training you’re in safe hands.

Our Courses

Aggressive man threatening shop assistant

Why Choose SALVAS Workplace Personal Safety, Conflict Management and Safer De-escalation Training Courses

SALVAS courses have benefitted a wide variety of workers, including bus revenue protection staff, community wardens, housing staff, education staff in schools and colleges, and health service providers, all of whom are subject to a range of workplace abuse and violence on a daily basis.

We include specific scenarios and case studies in our training entirely around the issues your staff face in their role. These could include Lone and remote working safely, visiting people in their homes, approaching people and vehicles, working with children and teenagers, and people with mental health or addiction issues.

After experiencing our training and support, all said that they were better informed, more confident when dealing with such situations, and less stressed at work as they felt ready and able to deal with what can be, without effective training, a real threat to staff satisfaction and safety with their working environment.

Workplace violence is a sad fact of life in an increasingly stressed world, but effectively trained staff and management are the key to de-escalating it before it starts. SALVAS can help.

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