About Salvas Learning & Consultancy Ltd

About Salvas Learning and Consultancy Ltd

Violence in the workplace is a fact of life.

Michael is the founder of Salvas Learning Ltd a leading provider of Workplace violence reduction training and consultancy set up in 2010, as a natural development, following a wide and varied 30-year policing career.

Experienced trainer Michael is passionate about preparing people to protect and save themselves – and others – if caught up in a violent incident like a criminal attack, other high-threat conflict situation like a terrorist attack or even a life-threatening emergency.

Over 30 years, Michael’s police experience was gained working in range of specialist areas including Community policing, Criminal investigations, Operational support and Training.

Michael undertook overseas working and attachment to several United States Law enforcement agencies as part of a Churchill University scholarship in the late 1980s and was a main architect of the UK Department of Education and Skills award winning Officer Safety Training programme created by Strathclyde Police in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police Service in the mid 1990’s.

The programme, the first of its kind also won a Skills for Justice award for making an outstanding contribution to the reduction of conflict and violence in the workplace as well as an Institute of Occupational Safety and Health – Certificate of merit, for the same reason

As part of the Strathclyde Police first-aid training team, he was involved in training and assessing  police officers and staff in Emergency life support skills and First Aid at Work qualifications.

He attended the UK Defense Military Training Organisation – Battlefield Advanced Trauma Life Support (BATLS) programme which focused on advanced assessment of trauma casualties and practical interventions to save lives including catastrophic hemorrhage control. These skills were put to use  to save lives, when dealing with gang related stabbing incidents where people were seriously injured.

He rounded off his policing years seconded to East Renfrewshire Council – Education department as part of the National Violence Reduction Unit. This was a pioneering post that put Michael at the heart of teaching, learning and working with adults and young people.

A firm believer in prevention is better than cure, he promoted Relational processes training for East Renfrewshire school staff as part of a restorative justice approach in supporting victims of crime and young offenders.

The training programme helped delegates gain an appreciation of the values, skills and procedures involved in facilitating Restorative conversations with young people, Victim awareness, Community building circles, Problem solving circles and Family led decision making.

Where young people were involved in committing minor crimes and offences and acts of bullying, they were encouraged to understand the impact of their behaviours on others.


He also introduced the British Heart Foundation ‘Heartstart’ emergency life support training within East Renfrewshire schools that provided pupils and staff with lifesaving CPR skills

He coordinated the delivery of the British Red Cross ‘Inclusive First aid ‘programme for young people with learning difficulties.

In 2014 he was part of the Medical services at the 2014 Commonwealth Games  in Glasgow  working alongside venue doctors  in providing first aid and pre- hospital care to the general public and athletes in the Emirates Arena cycling events.

Michael holds formal qualifications in Delivering learning, Delivering Conflict management training, Delivering Physical Intervention training, Applied Therapeutic skills and is a qualified and licensed practitioner of NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

He is a qualified First aid trainer assessor and IQA internal quality assessor and holds a current First Responder Emergency Care FREC3 qualification which providing the knowledge and practical skills needed to deal with a range of prehospital emergency care situations.

Always one to learn from situations involving violence in 2016-17 , Michael led a multidisciplinary team to develop RunHideSurvive™, an acclaimed package of equipment and training for surviving  a terror attack that won Commendation in finals of the initial 2018 Counter-Terror Business Awards.

The equipment included the design and UK manufacture of a heavy duty grab bag containing trauma first aid equipment like Windlass tourniquets, trauma bandages and blood clotting dressings to treat the types of injuries like penetrating chest wounds and limb amputations often seen in terrorist attacks.

An increase in the use of knives and firearms in violent criminal and terrorist attacks in London and other major UK cities and towns, Michael has helped design and deliver #ZeroResponder trauma first aid bleed control skill workshops to a wide range of groups in London, Glasgow Birmingham and Bristol.

The training programme instructs and shows those people already at the scene of an incident involving life threatening blood loss, to take action in stopping the bleeding, within minutes and before an ambulance arrives to help.

With ever rising Violence and its traumatic effect on people throughout the UK and indeed the world, Michael continues his passion in helping people safely manage and defuse verbal and physical abuse with well tested, practical and applicable skills that helps increase staff confidence, increases personal safety whilst protecting customers and organisational reputation.


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