Welcome to Salvas 

We are a leading workplace personal safety training company based in Glasgow, Scotland and supporting clients throughout the UK.

Since 2009, we’ve been working with clients from the public, private and third sectors, advising, training, mentoring and supporting them to deal with work-related violence, manage conflict situations, and respond to high-threat incidents like terror attacks. 

Our specialism is helping organisations, reduce and respond to increasing levels of workplace violence by helping them create safe and positive working environments for customers and staff alike through:

  • Guidance on employer and regulatory requirements covering workplace violence prevention.
  • Support to create and maintain robust policies, risk assessments and risk control measures;
  • Help to identify staff operational training needs;
  • Design and delivery of tailored training courses to meet their needs
  • Provision of equipment like Catastrophic bleed control kits and Incident response grab bags for use during and after Terrorist attacks

Workplace  violence often takes the form of verbal abuse, threats and assault and it can include the use of weapons to threaten or cause injury

Extreme violence is often seen in events like terrorist and criminal attacks where people have been stabbed, shot, rammed  by vehicles or blown up.

(In recent incidents like the Glasgow hotel stabbing the attacker was suffering from mental health issues)

As we begin to emerge from the Covid19 lockdown, we must remember the large amounts of people who have suffered trauma in their lives or who suffer mental health problems like anxiety.

They already feel under pressure and can be easily triggered into becoming angry and aggressive if they feel threatened in any way by inappropriate attitudes and behaviours of people working with or interacting with them.

Since 2010 a variety of people, businesses and organisations throughout the UK and Europe have benefitted from our advice and leading training programmes.

They have included the NHS, Bus companies, Airports, Road maintenance, Construction companies, Merchant banks as well as Charity groups and Government agencies.

By actively listening to our clients we are able to design training specific to meet their operational needs.

We offer training face to face workshops and e-learning modules covering:

  • Personal safety and Conflict management
  • De-escalation and defusing techniques
  • Non-restrictive Physical intervention skills – Assault avoidance, Disengagement – Breakaway skills
  • Restrictive Physical intervention – Holding and Additional holding /Restraint skills
  • Lone worker personal safety
  • Terrorist attack and Hostile threat response training
  • Catastrophic bleed control skills

Delegates are given the chance to explore how they respond to conflict and we use a variety of learning methods like :

  • pre-reading or e-learning
  • group discussion and exercises
  • facilitation,
  • scenarios

Our tutors

All our tutors are highly experienced and have a minimum of 10 years of experience dealing with conflict management in the workplace and work related violence in a variety of operational settings.

Those delivering the #ZeroResponder Bleed control training hold current first aid qualifications and have many years of experience in delivering and assessing first-aid and emergency life support skills.

Tutors are all qualified to a minimum QCF Level 3 in:

  • Adult Teaching and learning
  • Delivering Conflict management training
  • Delivering Physical intervention training
  • Therapeutic interventions – Working with children and young people
  • First-aid

In addition, our tutors attend regular CPD workshops to ensure they are up to date with the latest skills and learning associated with the courses we deliver.

All Physical intervention tutors have to undergo an annual recertification process in order to deliver Maybo Physical intervention skills training.

Course delivery 

During the current Covid19 public health crisis, our normal face to face workshops have been curtailed.


We  are continuing to offer e-learning modules online as part of a ‘blended learning’ approach.

This approach sees delegates complete online training modules and attend short classroom based workshops when government advice permits.

Return to classroom workshops would allow group discussion around conflict situations and reinforce the underpinning knowledge learned in the e-learning modules.

Delegates would also be able to see, learn and practice techniques for reducing triggers, maintaining personal space and de-escalating emotional people.

One – day interactive workshops and Half – day awareness workshops are delivered at a venue chosen by the client.

They ideally run from 0900 – 1230 and 1300 – 1630 allowing two groups of staff to attend in one day.

Twilight courses and Weekend courses are also available. These may incur a supplemental charge.


Benefits of our advice and training

Our advice and training has been shown to

  • Improve staff skills for dealing with emotional people and situations
  • Increase the confidence and personal safety of staff whilst dealing with difficult behaviours and circumstances
  • Reduce incidents of violence and aggression directed towards employees
  • Prevent and reduce complaints
  • Reduce litigation claims against companies
  • Protect business reputations



On successful completion of a Salvas training workshop, delegates will receive a Salvas certificate of attendance and completion.

Salvas are the licensed by Maybo to deliver their City and Guilds accredited Managing conflict and Physical intervention skills in Scotland. Delegates successfully completing a physical intervention skills course will receive a Maybo certificate.