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  1. PPE – Covid19 – Face masks

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    Images of Blue Face mask, Blue nitrile gloves , Bottle of hand sanitiser

    Back to Work PPE kit

    PPE -Face masks

    The threat of catching the Covid-19 virus has increased all our personal anxiety levels in various ways.

    The long awaited return to work after lockdown, has begun and will no doubt lead to increased anxiety levels in many people,workers and customers alike.

    PPE in the form of protective masks , nitrile gloves and hand sanitiser will play an important role in allowing people and businesses to get back to work feeling safe.

    Government advice in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland is for people to wear face coverings when going into enclosed spaces and to wash our hands frequently.

    UPDATE: It is now mandatory to wear a face mask whilst shopping or using public transport in Scotland.

    It is also mandatory to wear a face mask when travelling on public transport and visiting a hospital in England

    Wearing a mask or face covering is especially important where physical distancing is more difficult and where there is a risk of close contact with people outwith your normal household.


    The consequences of not providing PPE

    Insufficient or no PPE for returning workers can increase tensions and could also potentially cause employers to be in breach of Health and Safety legislation leading to prosecution, heavy fines and loss of reputation.

    Your PPE solution solved

    Glasgow based Workplace personal safety specialists Salvas have worked in partnership with BlueKit Medical in London, to produce a value ‘Back to Work PPE Kit’ for workers.

    It contains :

    • 10 x Type 11R Splash resistant masks
    • 10 x pairs of Nitrile gloves
    • 1 x  50ml Sanitiser Gel ( > 80% Alcohol)

    The PPE kit meets British & EN Standards including CE & ISO certification.

    It provides a person with enough PPE for a five day working week and will increase their confidence to interact more safely with colleagues and customers, reduce their anxiety levels and increase wellbeing for all.

    How one business ensured the safety of its staff and clients

    David Pattinson from Lancaster runs a small security business and was keen to ensure his public facing staff each had proper PPE to carry out their duties in a safe and responsible manner. He recently purchased kits for issue to staff and  commented ‘

    “As an employer I have to ensure that my staff have a working environment that is, safe and without risk to their health… the provision of this Covid-19 PPE kit makes this possible” 

    David Pattinson , Director
    Tactical Security Options Ltd

    The cost of keeping  your staff,customers and business reputation safe ?

    The ‘Back to Work PPE kit’ is available to purchase online now for only

    £18.50 with FREE postage in the U.K.

    Click the link below to Buy a PPE kit Now


  2. Covid-19

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    Covid 19 – Salvas training in the foreseeable future

    As the Covid 19 situation continues to unfold, we at Salvas we are currently focused on two things:

    • The health and welfare of our team and delegates participating in Salvas training
    • Our ability to continue to support our clients, colleagues and suppliers in all scenarios. 

    We have a continuity plan in place and we are confident we can ensure continued operational effectiveness.

    Our team are working from home and fully set up to do so.

    Many of our training programmes are being delivered online.

    We will continue to adapt our response and planning based on guidance issued by the

    UK Government,

    Scottish Government,

    Public Health England,

    Health Protection Scotland,

    Health and Safety Executive,

    World Health Organisation.

    Online certified training for new starters and refreshers

    With particular pressure on staff resources, any time for learning is going to be hard to find. The priority areas include:

    • Training new start workers
    • Preparing staff for return to operational work / delivering restricted service
    • Maintaining critical knowledge and skills (refreshers)

    Salvas can help organisations provide critical training including certified online inductions and refreshers, plus remote support to services with coaching and problem-solving.

    Online learning provides a flexible option through one or a combination of the following:

    eLearning: Our interactive and comprehensive eLearning courses provide a good theory baseline for new starters and a valuable refresher training for existing staff. 

    Virtual Classroom: Many of Salvas’s programmes can be delivered in a virtual classroom led by a Salvas tutor. This comprises of a structured delivery with two-way audio and video interaction.

    We are focused on two things: the health and welfare of all people participating in SALVAS training, and, our ability to continue to support our clients and colleagues in all scenarios.

    We would like to reassure you that we are taking sensible precautions to minimise the potential impact on our clients, employees and training participants.

    Learn more about how we at Salvas will continue to keep you and your staff safe contact us

    UPDATED :May 8 2020