Working within the general public can often mean interacting with a wide variety of audience groups.

Issues such as

  • housing
  • care services
  • homelessness
  • maintenance
  • community safety
  • planning
  • enforcement services – parking – anti social behaviour – noise  – trading standards – environmental

can prove to be sensitive and can draw heated opinions. Conflict involving violent and aggressive behaviour can occur at any time which makes it essential that workers know how to deal with any kind of conflict situation in a safe and positive manner.

Local authorities and Central government departments  deliver a wide variety of public services and their staff sometimes work alone, in private homes and public areas, so it’s imperative to give them effective training in managing conflict and the skills and confidence to safely deal with difficult situations involving angry and abusive people.

It is  important that staff  know how to safely approach highly emotional people, and position themselves so as not to ‘trigger’ aggressive and violent behaviour from them.

Salvas Learning  offers half-day and full day training workshops and e-learning modules giving you all you need to be able to ‘stay cool’ and handle some of the pressures that come with dealing with difficult people and challenging situations.