Welcome to Salvas Learning a UK based leader in delivering accredited Managing Conflict training to staff , helping them learn and improve their skills when dealing with clients who are emotional, difficult, abusive, threatening, aggressive or assaultive.

Since 2009 we have provided training to organisations in the Public, Private and Third sectors in the UK and Europe helping them create safe and positive working environments for customers and staff alike. Our core courses cover:

  • Personal safety awareness
  • Conflict management and Conflict resolution (NHS)
  • Non-restrictive Physical intervention skills – Assault avoidance – Disengagement – Breakaway skills
  • Restrictive Physical intervention – Holding and Additional holding /Restraint skills
  • Lone worker personal safety
  • E-Learning modules for managing conflict and lone working
  • Terror and High threat criminal attack response training – Life saving skills including Bleed control
  • Train the Trainer in delivering Conflict management and Physical intervention skills


All our tutors are highly experienced and have a minimum of 10 years of experience dealing with conflict in the workplace and work related violence in a variety of work settings.

All are   qualified to a minimum QCF Level 3 in:

  • Adult Teaching and learning
  • Delivering Conflict Management training
  • Delivering Physical Intervention training
  • Therapeutic interventions – Working with children and young people.

In addition, our tutors attend regular CPD workshops to ensure they are up to date with the latest skills and learning associated with the courses we deliver.

All Physical intervention tutors have to undergo an annual recertification process in order to deliver Maybo Physical intervention skills training.


It’s not just about delivering a training workshop. We help our many clients with:

  • Guidance on employer and regulatory requirements covering work-related violence and harassment.
  • Support to create and maintain robust policies, risk assessments and risk control measures;
  • Help to identify your staff’s operational training needs;
  • Tailored training courses which suit you, the client.


We work with clients to ensure that their needs and those of their staff and customers are fully met.

We offer ONE-day interactive workshops and Half – day awareness workshops which ideally run from 0900 – 1230 and 1300 – 1630 allowing two groups of staff to attend in one day.

Twilight courses and Weekend courses are also available. These may incur a supplemental charge.

Our workshops provide our customers and their staff with innovative training and tools to improve

  • personal safety in the workplace
  • management of violence and aggression
  • dynamic risk assessment
  • dealing with upset, angry, aggressive people and difficult situations
  • defusing and de-escalation skills
  • proper reporting of incidents of workplace violence and aggression
  • support of staff after traumatic incidents



We work with you to ensure that the training environment is conducive to effective learning. 

Delegates are given the chance to explore how they respond to conflict and we use a variety of learning methods like

  • pre-reading or e-learning
  • group discussion and exercises
  • facilitation,
  • scenarios


Salvas is the main centre licensed by Maybo to deliver their leading Conflict management and Physical intervention skills in Scotland.

The leading training programmes are accredited by City and Guilds and the Physical intervention skills for use in Care settings with Adult with learning disabilities are accredited by BILD- British Institute of Learning Disabilities.  


Some of the people we train and support work in :

  • Customer service
  • Community safety – Enforcement
  • Event safety
  • Health and Social care
  • Housing and Homelessness support
  • Investigations
  • Libraries
  • Facilities management 
  • Retail and licensed retail
  • Sport and leisure centres
  • Transport – Roads management & maintenance 
  • Theatre staff – Front of House
  • Trading standards
  • Religious and faith groups – Places of Worship