Terror attack training – Hostile threat – Criminal attack – E Learning – Responder grab bag

Terrorist attack – Hostile threat – Bleed control Emergency grab bag – E-learning

Our innovative and highly-practical, Run-Hide-Survive ™  Counter Terror Attack – Hostile threat respopnse  training programme and Emergency grab bag with Bleed control kit
was a FINALIST in this year’s inaugural Counter Terror Business Awards
The awards formed part of the Security and Counter Terror Expo at Olympia, London on 6 March 2018.
and recognised people and organisations in the UK  leading the way, in protecting the public and assets from the growing threat of terrorism.
Run-Hide-Survive ™  blends face-to-face tuition and pioneering scenario e-learning .
It trains key staff in buildings used by the public
to take practical actions to increase the chances of survival and avoid danger during a:
  • terrorist attack
  • active shooter event
  • criminal attack
These include
  • identifying safe rooms and escape routes in advance, and using them in the event of a terror attack.
  • providing relevant and concise information to the police
Practical training covers
  • safe escape from premises
  • lockdown skills and the legality of using force for self-defence
  • treating casualties with catastrophic bleeding and penetrating wounds
Course delegates receive training in the use of the Run-Hide-Survive ™  Emergency grab bag.
Its contents include
  • catastrophic bleeding control kit
  • face, eye and hand protection
  • lockdown barricade tools,
  • specialist device to break glass to escape from premises
  • communication cards to speed information flow to Police and first responders.
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