Organisations, managers and supervisors have a major role to play in the reduction and management of workplace violence and in supporting staff following a traumatic incident. Our Manager Support Training looks at a number of areas including :

  • Developing a Workplace Violence and Aggression policy
  • Assessing and reducing risks of Violence to staff and customers
  • Operational procedural guidance
  • Violence reduction requirements and strategies
  • Post incident Support skills for managers


Following any violent or traumatic incident, managers and team leaders will be thoroughly tested, and the quality of their response will be remembered by staff.

If not handled correctly, the likelihood is that a manager will lose the confidence of their staff, which could have a negative long-term effect on the workplace.

This ½ day workshop equips delegates with the means to support their workforce in a safe and confident manner.


Download and print out our pdf for more information on what to expect from this training.