‘Non-Restrictive Physical Intervention skills training (PI)’ is designed for staff who carry out roles which places then at increased risk of

  • intentional or unintentional assault or who may have to
  • physically guide a vulnerable person as part of their duty of care role.

It provides staff with the knowledge and skills to initially avoid assault and disengage from higher risk conflict situations.

The key is always to reduce any need for physical intervention in a difficult or confrontational situation using careful assessment and interpersonal communication skills

For staff working in a security setting the Security Industry Authority (SIA) defines Physical Intervention as:

The use of

  • direct or indirect force,
  • through bodily, physical or mechanical means,
  • to limit another persons movement.

Non-Restrictive Physical Intervention allows a greater degree of freedom where a person can move away from the physical intervention if they wish to. This would include prompting and guiding an individual to assist them walking and defensive interventions such as the use of

  • “Open Palms’  to prevent strikes to the face and body
  • Disengagement skills to ensure release from holds and grabs
  • Rescue moves to defend others from attack
Download and print out our pdf for more information on what to expect from this training.