1 in 8 of UK workers face verbal abuse, threatening behaviour or physical assault whilst at work

Figures from the UK Health and Safety Executive show there were an estimated 694,000 incidents of Violence at work in 2017-18

In 2019 UNISON Scotland revealed 37,662 workers in Scottish Local authorities and Health boards had reported workplace assaults.

With increasing levels of violence it is important for workers to learn personal safety awareness and de-escalation techniques allowing them to safely manage difficult and emotional situations in their workplace.

In identified high risk occupations like enforcement,security or healthcare, staff may require to become additionally skilled in certain physical intervention techniques.

Who faces this type of risk?

NHS, teaching and retail staff were particularly hit by workplace violence.

The British Retail Crime Survey 2020 reveals retail workers face a spate of violence and abuse in the workplace.

It records an average of 424 violent or abusive incidents each day.

These are often the result of criminal activity planned and executed by organised criminal gangs, who use the proceeds to fund other illegal activities.

A variety of weapons including knives, are often used to threaten or injure staff as they go about their job.

Meanwhile 22% of health workers surveyed  had experienced violence at work, with one in eight teachers and support staff witnessing verbal and physical abuse.

Any worker who has to deal with the public has a good chance of facing someone who may be

  • Emotionally upset
  • Angry
  • Abusive
  • Aggressive
  • Violent

Especially at risk of abuse and attack are staff who work or interact with people :

  • With serious mental health problems
  • Breaking the law
  • Under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances
  • Suffering from a clinical condition which affects their behaviour

What you can learn to safely manage these types of people and situations?

At SALVAS we offer a variety of courses and training which always puts the client’s needs at the forefront.

All of our accredited training courses are designed in conjunction with fellow market leaders Maybo Ltd, who are our key training partner in the UK.

Our most popular training courses to ensure staff learn simple and easy skills to manage difficult situations are :

  • One day Personal safety, Conflict management & De-escalation skills programme
  • Half day Personal safety, Conflict management & De-escalation skills awareness workshop
  • Two day combined Personal safety, Managing conflict, Assault avoidance,Disengagement breakaway (non- restrictive physical intervention ) skills course

For Care sector staff required to safely deal with conflict and challenging behaviours, we provide a range of Maybo Physical non – restrictive physical intervention programmes.

We support the introduction of the Restraint Reduction Network and are the Scottish partner of Maybo who are a BILD ACT certified training provider.

And what about the variety of training offered?

Download and print out our pdf for more information on what to expect from this training.

Picture of a group of female delegates in discussion with their Salvas tutor