Restrictive Intervention also known as ‘Holding’ or ‘Restraint’ training is designed for use by staff working in ‘Higher Risk’ environments where the display of aggressive and assaultive behaviour is regular occurrence or where there is a greater risk of people harming themselves or others.

The primary goal is always to reduce the need for physical intervention and not only  to ensure the interventions are safer.

Staff are taught a variety of safe methods for physically restraining someone who is displaying aggressive behaviour and whose movements are required to be restricted.

Prior to undertaking this advanced training staff must be physically fit and able to undertake the training. They must also have completed initial training in

  • Personal safety,
  • Conflict management and 
  • Non- restrictive physical interventions


The Mental Capacity Act 2005, defines ‘Restraint’ as:

  • The use or threat of force to help do an act which the person resists, or
  • the restriction of the persons liberty of movement,whether or not they resist.


The Security Industry Authority describe ‘Restrictive Intervention’ as:

  • The use of force to limit the movement and freedom of an individual and can involve bodily contact,mechanical devices orchanges to the persons environment

Such interventions can be:

  • Highly Restrictive i.e. severely limit the movement and freedom of an individual
  • Low Level Restrictive i.e. limit or contain the movement and freedom of an individual who is less resistant with low levels of force
Download and print out our pdf for more information on what to expect from this training.