What is the threat posed by a terrorist attack ?

The UK security services have prevented at least fifteen attacks since 2013 and with a SEVERE threat assessment in place, the UK Government has made it clear that it is only a matter of time before terrorists conduct a similar style attack in the UK. Police and the Security Services in Britain are currently monitoring around 500 cases involving  suspects who are capable of planning and carrying out a terror attack.

The recent terror attacks in Europe and the USA show how devastating a Terrorist attack can be. Now more than ever Escape, Lockdown and Survival skills are essential learning for everyone.

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) has issued general advice to businesses and organisations on the importance of planning, and developing dynamic lockdown procedures to use in the event of such an attack. Emergency Grab Bags containing life saving tools and bleeding control kit are also recommended.  All these procedures and equipment are designed to prevent people moving into danger areas and stop attackers gaining access to other parts of the premises.

Research into similar attacks in the USA and abroad shows the significance of civilians having the knowledge and preparation to respond to a life-threatening situation in the period before help arrives.In the Columbine High School attack students who recognised the early sounds of gunfire immediately barricaded a classroom door and survived.

Lord Toby Harris’s report ‘London’s preparedness to respond to a major terrorist incident’ (October 2016) recommends that security and events operations staff receive additional practical training in what to do and how to do it when dealing with an attack of this nature.

Are you suitably prepared to respond to a terrorist weapons attack?

Salvas, one of the UK’s leading specialists in the management of work related violence, aim to help you and your staff stay safe and survive a fast-moving terrorist attack or other public acts of violence by using an intuitive, easy-to- remember plan for dynamic lockdown.

Run Hide Survive™ is a civilian response planning programme developed by Salvas and Primus Protection in the UK, and partners ACI in the USA. The programme fully complements the UK Police ‘Project Griffin’ and ‘Project Argus’ Counter terrorist awareness programmes, bridging the gap between civilians locked down inside a venue and police first responders.

RunHideSurvive Red Coloured Emergency Grab Bag carried over shoulder by security officer

RunHideSurvive Emergency Grab Bag

Learn simple skills to respond safely and appropriately if attacked

Our half-day practical workshops reinforce the premise of:

  • RUN – Begins with situational awareness of your environment prior to any attack. It includes having a plan, ahead of time, of what you would do when an attack takes place and knowing your escape routes. Tell the police about suspicious persons or an attack in progress by calling 999/112.
  • HIDE – If you can’t run away, we’ll show you ways to prevent the attacker(s) getting to you and others. You’ll learn the importance of having a prepared ‘Emergency Grab Bag’ containing vital equipment to enable you to secure and lockdown doorsbreak windows and communicate with Police tactical responders.
  • SURVIVE Major bleeding accounts for some 65% of fatalities in this type of attack. We’ll show you practical ways to preserve life by controlling major bleeding using tourniquets, haemostatic agents and the latest trauma bandages. We will also discuss how the Common Law of Self-Defence allows you to defend yourself and others should the need arise.