Successful Bleed Control Course in Islington

Successful Bleed Control Course in Islington

Successful Bleed Control Course in Islington

Eighteen delegates attended a Zero Responder bleed control skills course, at Caxton House Community Centre on Friday 4 March. They learned how to use bleed control kits provided by Islington Council to community groups around the borough, to boost community safety and potentially save lives.

Mike Greville, from Glasgow-based, personal and workplace safety training company, Salvas, delivered the course. It included what to do when being first on the scene following an incident, such as a stabbing, and how to use the contents of a bleed control trauma first aid kit effectively, to preserve life until paramedics arrive.

Topics covered included correctly applying pressure to a wound, correctly applying a tourniquet, wound packing and treating a penetrating chest wound, as well as communication and casualty hand-over to ambulance crew. Hands-on skills were taught using simulated body parts, so trainees could practice applying the kits contents effectively.

Mike Greville from Salvas said: 

“I was delighted to be asked to deliver this vital training. Islington Council has been leading the way in the provision of bleed control kits at community locations.  Our training course, which was attended by representatives of community groups and council staff, ensured that those kits will be put to the most effective use possible. Crucially, they will help save lives if, and when, they have to be used. The feedback from delegates was very encouraging and Salvas is very pleased to have made this positive contribution to community safety in the borough.”

Councilor Sue Lukes, Islington Council member for community safety, said: 

“We are incredibly grateful to all who attended our training session on how to use bleed control kits. Our community leads said the training was informative and engaging and has given then the skills and confidence to use a bleed control kit if they are on the scene of a serious incident. Each of these organisations is doing a great service to the community and each kit we have in Islington could potentially save a life. We very much hope the kits will never need to be used, but they could make the difference between life and death.”

All enquiries regarding arranging a Bleed Control Course should be addressed to Michael Greville, Salvas Director, 07887637742

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Successful Bleed Control Course in Islington

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