Nowadays it makes sense to be trained in responding to a terror attack, hostile threat or violent crime in your workplace

What is the threat posed by a terror attack, violent crime or hostile threat?

The current UK National threat from terrorism is SUBSTANTIAL meaning an attack is likely.

There is an 80% probability of a Terrorist attack taking place every day in the UK.

The UK security services have prevented at least 19 major terrorist attacks involving Islamist and Extreme Right-wing groups since March 2017.

The UK suffered more Terror attack deaths than any other EU country in 2017.

There were more attempted and successful terror attacks than the rest of Europe.

Attackers favour low tech weapons like knives and vehicles and the recent knife attack in Streatham, London in February 2020 was committed by a ‘lone wolf’ attacker who was under surveillance by police at the time.

He stabbed shoppers at random.

The recent terror attacks in the UK show how devastating a Terrorist or Hostile threat attack can be.

Recorded incidents of Violent crime involving the use of weapons have risen in London as well as the UK

There were 15,023 knife crime offences recorded during the year 2018-19 which is the highest annual number ever recorded  in London.

Now more than ever, escape, lockdown skills and catastrophic bleed control are essential learning for everyone.

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) has issued ACT -Action Counters Terrorism general advice to businesses and organisations.

It cites the importance of planning and developing dynamic lockdown procedures to use in the event of terror or hostile threat attacks.

All these procedures and equipment are designed to prevent people from moving into danger areas and stop attackers from gaining access to other parts of the premises.

Incident response grab bags

Grab bags containing escape and lockdown tools together with bleed control kit are also recommended.

They should be easily accessible in venues which may be subject to an attack.

Zero Responders

Findings of the Kerslake report into the Manchester Arena bombing showed that the people best placed to save lives are those who are caught up inside a terror attack.

The ‘Zero Responders’ and are the ones in the foremost position to save the lives of badly injured people.

Lord Toby Harris’s report ‘London’s preparedness to respond to a major terrorist incident’ (October 2016) recommends that security and events operations staff receive additional practical training in what to do and how to do it when dealing with an attack of this nature.

In the active shooter event in Columbine High School in the USA, students who recognised the early sounds of gunfire immediately barricaded a classroom door and survived.

Others thought it was the sound of fireworks, stayed put and were murdered.


How to  respond safely to a terror attack, hostile threat or violent crime.

Run Hide Survive™ is a terror attack and hostile threat response training programme created by a multidisciplinary team from Police, Counter-terrorism, Military, Medical, Security, Risk and Event safety backgrounds in the UK and US.

It fully complements the UK Police ACT Action Counters Terrorism awareness programmes, bridging the gap between people hiding inside a venue and police and ambulance responders coming to save them.

It is one of the first training programmes to consist  of:

  • Practical skills workshop – covering escape, lockdown and catastrophic bleed control skills
  • E-learning – knowledge of human responses to an attack and walking thru’ a selection of interactive terror attack scenarios
  • Incident response grab bags containing specialist escape and lockdown tools, personal protective equipment to protect your eyes, mouth and hands and #ZeroResponder bleed control kit.

RunHideSurvive Red Coloured Emergency Grab Bag carried over shoulder by security officer

Learn simple skills to respond safely and save lives

Our practical workshop reinforces the premise of:

  • RUN – Begins with situational awareness of your environment before any attack. It includes having a plan, ahead of time, of what you would do when an attack takes place and knowing your escape routes and how to Tell the police about suspicious persons or an attack in progress by calling 999/112 or SMS text.
  • HIDE – If you can’t run away, we’ll show you ways to prevent the attacker from getting to you and others. You’ll learn the importance of having a prepared ‘Incident response grab bag’ containing vital equipment to help you lockdown rooms, break windows, treat injured people and communicate with Police tactical responders.
  • SURVIVE – Blood loss accounts for some 65% of fatalities in terror and hostile threat attacks. In the #ZeroResponder bleed control modules, you will learn practical ways to preserve life by controlling bleeding using proven tourniquets, wound packing gauze and emergency trauma bandages.
  • We discuss how the Common law of self-defence allows you to defend yourself and others when under threat of attack.

Download more information about this leading Terror attack and Hostile threat response training |#ZeroResponder bleed control kit