Courses We Offer...

Courses We Offer

Training is always the easy part however transferring the knowledge to the workplace is the real challenge.

Salvas will work with you to help you span the gap with learning designed based on your organisation needs.

From initial advice on managing all aspects of workplace violence through skills workshops and refreshers we will equip your organisation with the tools to ensure a safe workplace for everyone.

Course NameDelivery MethodDuration
Personal safety, Conflict management & Safer de-escalation
In-person Workshop
1 Day
Personal Safety and Conflict Management Awareness
In-person Workshop
1/2 Day
Managing People Who Manage Conflict – Support Skills for Managers
In-person Workshop
1/2 Day
Positive Approaches to Behaviour and Dafer De-escalation
Online E-Learning
Approx 2.5hrs
Conflict Management and Personal Safety for Lone Workers
Online E-Learning
Approx 2.5hrs
#Zero Responder – Bleed Control Skills
P2P Practical Workshop
1/2 Day
#Zero Responder – Bleed Control Awareness
Online E-Learning




E-learning can provide the complete answer for developing staff confidence in safely managing or resolving conflict or it can play a useful role within a blended learning strategy.

Salvas e-learning modules help you to:

  • Provide employee induction, teach basic information and refresh knowledge at work or from home
  • Deliver a core knowledge base  to reduce training time and allow more skills practice
  • Meet the needs of staff at lower risk levels and free up course time and resources  for staff most at risk in the workplace
  • Increase awareness of conflict among the entire workforce

Blended Learning

Combine training delivery methods to maximise value and target practical skill coaching for staff whose roles involve greater risk.

The cost will depend on the level of training and delivery method you select. 

Our prices are competitive and we will work with you to help you achieve your staff training needs within the budgets you have available.

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