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#ZeroResponder Life-threatening Bleed Control

The shocking terrorist attack at Manchester Arena on 22nd May 2017 led to an independent inquiry to look closely at the events that led to 23 deaths and 1017 injuries, many amongst children.

To prevent and mitigate injuries and loss of life in any future attack, we will soon see an enforceable ‘Protect Duty’ come into effect for many public accessible venues – as a result of ‘Martyn’s Law’, a campaign in memory of Martyn Hett who tragically died that day.

The Salvas #ZeroResponder life-threatening bleed control workshop forms part of the RunHideSurvive ™ counter-terrorism training programme, which was commended in the 2018 Counter Terror Business Awards.

It has also been specifically developed in line with Martyn’s Law – Protect Duty which is due to become UK law in 2023.

The content of the course provides training relevant to the types of injuries likely to occur in a terrorist attack as well as those types of traumatic injuries seen in violent attacks and accidents.

Shockingly, 40% of people suffering catastrophic blood loss will die. A life-threatening bleed can be caused by stab wounds, gunshot wounds, or any limbs severed in an accident.

A victim can bleed out in 3-5 minutes unless someone is on hand who knows how to stop and control the bleeding.

This training is ideal for people working in locations such as:

  • Licensed retail – pubs & clubs
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Airport and transport hubs
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Shopping centres
  • Sports centres and stadia
  • Community centres
  • Places of worship

The training is also recommended for those in high-risk jobs where injuries involving life-threatening bleeding are more likely to happen:

  • Security and facilities management
  • Enforcement
  • Outreach workers
  • Construction and road maintenance

#ZeroResponder Bleed Control Workshop

ZeroResponder Bleed Control Workshop

Course Content

  • What is a #ZeroResponder
  • Personal and Scene safety
  • Calling the emergency services 
  • Familiarisation with contents of a #ZeroResponder bleed control kit 
  • How to recognise life threatening bleeding
  • Find the source of a catastrophic bleed
  • Apply direct pressure to control a bleed 
  • Apply an emergency trauma bandage 
  • How to pack a deep wound or
  • Tourniquets – when and how to apply 
  • Finding a stab wound
  • Treat a penetrating stab wound
  • Prevent hypothermia in a casualty
  • Complete (AT) MIST casualty handover information for paramedics
  • Stopping the bleeding if you don’t have a bleed control kit

Course Benefits

This highly recommended course teaches the essential skills required to identify life-threatening bleeding. Attendees will leave able to confidently use a bleed control kit, or even everyday articles, to stop and control massive blood loss whilst they wait for an ambulance.

Delegates will receive a Salvas Certificate on successful completion of the workshop.

Interested in this training?

Why Choose SALVAS Workplace Personal Safety, Conflict Management and Safer De-escalation Training Courses

SALVAS courses have benefitted a wide variety of workers, including bus revenue protection staff, community wardens, housing staff, education staff in schools and colleges, and health service providers, all of whom are subject to a range of workplace abuse and violence on a daily basis.

We include specific scenarios and case studies in our training entirely around the issues your staff face in their role. These could include Lone and remote working safely, visiting people in their homes, approaching people and vehicles, working with children and teenagers, and people with mental health or addiction issues.

After experiencing our training and support, all said that they were better informed, more confident when dealing with such situations, and less stressed at work as they felt ready and able to deal with what can be, without effective training, a real threat to staff satisfaction and safety with their working environment.

Workplace violence is a sad fact of life in an increasingly stressed world, but effectively trained staff and management are the key to de-escalating it before it starts. SALVAS can help.


As part of a step-change in training delivery, our E-learning modules can provide the complete answer for developing your staff’s confidence in safely managing or resolving conflict.

It can be used to increase the awareness of conflict throughout the entire workforce and help you with staff induction, teach basic information and refresh knowledge at work or from home.

They can learn online at a time and place that is suitable for the individual.

As part of a blended learning approach learners who use e-learning to pre-load core knowledge, can free time to be spent on practical skills’ practice

SALVAS offer eLearning courses designed for frontline staff who may encounter conflict situations in the course of their work.

The e Learning modules are interactive and have a completion time of about 2.5 hours.

Blended Learning

Human beings learn by watching, listening and doing.

Research shows that by combining training delivery methods you can make learning more meaningful for people.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, when face to face workshops was severely curtailed, SALVAS worked with Glasgow Overnight Welcome Centre to prepare staff to support and manage homeless guests many of whom had suffered emotional trauma and who had mental health and addiction problems.

Staff undertook a 2.5 hours of Positive Approaches to Behaviour and Safer De-Escalation e-learning programme covering positive and proactive approaches to managing different types of conflict based on respect for their centre guests and an understanding of their needs.

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